Large industrial fan in tunnelWhy be energy efficient?

Pumps and fans are used widely throughout industry. Potential energy savings in pump and fan systems can be as high as 50% or greater.

For information on types of pump and fan systems, see Technology Background – Pumps and Fans.


Most energy efficiency opportunities for pumps and fans fall into the following categories:

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Case studies

Key resources

  • Motor Solutions Online 2010
    • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

    This website contains practical information and tools to help companies manage their motor systems. It covers a range of areas including:

    • System optimisation information
    • Optimising pump and fan applications
    • Pump and fan characteristics
    • Control options
    • Fine-tuning pump and fan applications
    • Control technologies
    • Selecting the right equipment
    • Pump and fan or blower applications.

    Note that the Australian Government is working to update the content. Principles outlined on the site however are still applicable when developing motor management strategies.

  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide: Pumping Systems 2009 (Opens in a new window)

    This resource provides a step-by-step guide to improving energy efficiency in pumps and fans. It includes best practice information, opportunities to improve the performance of existing systems, ideas for designing new systems and summaries of key business benefits.

For more resources, see Resources – Pumps and Fans.