Australian resources

  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide: Steam, Hot Water and Process Heating Systems 2009 (Opens in a new window)

    A comprehensive step-by-step guide to improving energy efficiency and achieving best practice in boilers, steam systems, hot water systems and process heating.

  • Boiler Optimisation 2006 (Opens in a new window)

    Optimising the performance of a boiler and its steam distribution system reduces running costs and improves site operations. This section of the Sustainability Victoria website contains detailed information about different boiler applications, optimising boiler performance and efficient steam systems.

  • Energy in Dairy 2012
    • Victorian Department of Primary Industries

    This series of fact sheets provides examples of the range of technologies and strategies available to improve energy efficiency on a dairy farm. Fact sheet topics include an overview of energy efficiency, solar panel systems, solar hot water systems, thermal heat recovery, LPG water heating and variable speed drives.

  • Eco-efficiency for Australian Dairy Processors - Boiler Optimisation 2004

    Dairy processing plants can use up to 80% of their total energy requirement to produce the steam and hot water needed for evaporative, heating and drying processes. This fact sheet outlines how optimising boilers can lead to increased capacity and considerable savings in water, energy and chemicals.

International resources