Why be energy efficient?

Fuel is typically the highest operating cost for road transport operators, followed by wages, then tyres. The sector operates in a very competitive business environment so small improvements in fuel efficiency or changes in fuel costs can have a significant impact on profit and competitiveness. There are numerous opportunities for the road transport sector to improve energy efficiency through upgrading fleets, and adopting better corporate, driver and fuel-consumption practices.

Combining best practices can lead to fuel savings ranging from 10% to 30%.

Ways to save

There are three strategies that cover most of the energy-efficiency opportunities available for the road transport sector. See Ways to save – Road transport for more information.


Fuel for Thought - Potential energy efficiency opportunities in the Australian road and rail sectors

PDF version 1.5 MB

This report catalogues potential opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in the Australian road transport (heavy duty vehicles only) and rail transport sectors. It was designed to supplement energy efficiency assessments undertaken by transport operators involved in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program.

Department of the Environment and Energy (2011)

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Transport Fuels - Trucking 2007

(PDF 1.2 MB)

This lecture module (8.3), developed as part of the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship has an engineering focus and outlines energy efficiency opportunities and emissions reductions approaches for the trucking sector.

The Natural Edge Project, CSIRO and Griffith University

  1. Rare Consulting (2011) Fuel for Thought – Identifying potential energy efficiency opportunities in the Australian road and rail sectors