Why be energy efficient?

Saving money is extremely important in charitable organisations, which receive little income and often operate at a loss. By reducing energy use in your place of worship, you can divert savings to important support services you provide to the community.

Case studies

The National Energy Efficiency Network (NEEN) has developed a range of case studies to demonstrate how some places of worship have improved their energy efficiency, including:

  • Generations Church – projected savings of $2740 per year
  • Sherwood Neighbourhood Centre – projected savings of $3730 per year
  • Footscray Community Arts Centre – projected savings of $11 000 per year
  • Catholic Care Social Services Parramatta – projected savings of $7500 per year.

See the case studies on the NEEN website.

Key resources

NEEN has also developed fact sheets and an assessment tool to help you identify the main areas of energy consumption in your place of worship and help identify energy saving opportunities that can be implemented at low cost.

  • Factsheets – Covering topics such as energy monitoring, solar photovoltaics, decoding your electricity bills and lighting.
  • Assessment Tool – Will assist you in identifying and shortlisting energy efficiency opportunities relevant to your organisation’s energy consumption patterns and goals.

See the NEEN website for more information on energy management in places of worship.