Why be energy efficient?

Interior of a shopping centre

National Retail Association EEIG Project

Businesses within the retail industry can often find it difficult to keep abreast of industry best practice, new innovations and changing customer expectations. However, reducing energy waste can save retailers money, increase productivity and improve resilience.1

Case studies

The National Retail Association Limited (NRA) has developed a website, Retail Buys the Future, containing energy efficiency information for SMEs within the retail and other services sectors. The website includes case studies on how several retail businesses have made energy efficiency improvements, including:

  • Eagle Boys Pizza
  • Wallace Bishop Jewellers
  • Poolwerx Burpengary
  • John Crawford Marine.

See the case studies on NRA website.

Key resources

The NRA has also developed a variety of energy efficiency resources for SMEs within the retail sector, including:

  • Fact sheets, checklists and workbooks – Provides information on introducing energy efficiency, how to measure current consumption, how to identify improvement opportunities, how to implement improvements, how to monitor improvements and how to review and continuously improve.
  • A greenhouse gas calculator – Will help businesses assesses the electricity and fuel usage of their business and provide a comparison of results before and after implementing energy efficiency actions.
  • Energy efficiency health check tool – Is designed to help businesses understand where they can become more energy efficient by asking a series of questions about the practices and/or types of equipment in store.

See the NRA website for more information on energy efficiency in the retail industry.

Also see the Commercial and services page on the EEX website for more energy efficiency opportunities, case studies and resources.

Visit business.gov.au for more information on planning, starting and growing your business. The website offers simple and convenient access to government information, forms and services. 

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