Why be energy efficient?

Controlling energy costs is an increasingly important part of managing a hospitality business. Energy prices are a growing concern for most hotels and there is great pressure to minimise energy use.

In an average hotel, the hot water infrastructure together with kitchen and laundry equipment makes up over two-thirds of the businesses gas use. In the average pub, hot water, kitchen, cold store/cellar and refrigeration equipment consume nearly a quarter of all energy used. Focusing on ways to reduce energy consumption in these areas can provide the greatest gain for improving energy efficiency and saving you money.

Key resources

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) has developed a suite of materials to help identify and implement simple, cost-effective ways of reducing energy costs associated with operating a hospitality business.

  • Factsheets ­- The fact sheets cover topics such as energy efficiency in business planning, behaviour change and understanding energy bills and tariffs. There is also information on heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other equipment energy efficiencies. Renovations and refurbishments, resource use and the supply chain are also covered.

Also see the Commercial buildings page for more energy efficiency opportunities, case studies and resources.