Other services

  • Spotlights at an event


    Tailored, easy-to-understand information has been developed to help entertainment businesses to better identify, manage and reduce their energy costs.
  • Two people talking at a cafe


    Controlling energy costs is an important part of managing a hospitality business. Small energy efficiency improvements can make a big difference to the bottom line.
  • Paintings inside an art gallery

    Museums and galleries

    Taking action to improve energy efficiency can allow museums and galleries to reduce their energy costs and save money, while maintaining visitor comfort and protecting collections.
  • Balcony exterior of residential building at night

    Residential strata

    People living in apartments consume 25% more energy than those living in detached dwellings. Taking energy efficient action can save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Interior of a shopping centre


    Reducing energy waste can save retailers money, increase productivity and improve resilience.
  • Tourists in city in evening


    For some tourism sectors such as hotels, air conditioning can contribute up to 50% of their overall energy use.
  • Dog at a vet clinic


    Vets can immediately reduce operating expenses and improve profit margins by investing in energy efficient equipment and machinery.
  • Three waste recyling bins

    Culturally and linguistically diverse businesses

    By using information specifically developed for them, CALD businesses will be able make informed decisions about energy efficiency and reduce their operating costs.