Why be energy efficient?Chemicals manufacturing equipment

Energy costs account for a significant proportion of total operational costs for small chemicals and plastics manufacturing businesses, which means becoming more energy efficient is critical to becoming more profitable and competitive.

There are many areas where businesses can find significant energy savings with short payback periods. For example, purchasing a high efficiency motor is one of the simplest ways to save money.

Key resources

The Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association Incorporated (PACIA) resource, PACIA energy+ includes handbooks, best practice guides, websites, calculators, videos and information so that businesses in the plastics and chemicals industry can reduce energy consumption and costs.

For example, the ‘Improving your energy purchasing and generation – factsheet guide’ (Opens in a new window PDF 2.68 MB) explains how your business is charged for energy. By understanding your energy bill, you can better identify opportunities to save money.

See the PACIA website for more information on energy management in chemicals and plastics businesses.

Also see the Chemicals and plastics manufacturing page on the EEX website for more energy efficiency opportunities, case studies and resources.

Visit business.gov.au for more information on planning, starting and growing your business. The website offers simple and convenient access to government information, forms and services.