Manufacturing – small business

  • Two people talking in an automotive business


    By improving energy management, automotive businesses can reduce energy and operational costs, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance regimes.
  • Chemicals manufacturing equipment

    Chemicals and plastics

    By improving energy efficiency, chemicals and plastics manufacturing businesses can become more profitable and competitive.
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    Food manufacturing

    Energy costs account for at least 15% of total operational costs of a food business, which means becoming more energy efficient is critical to becoming profitable and competitive.
  • Person using a metal grinder


    Energy efficiency improvements are important to the future competitiveness of the industry nationally, with energy costs comprising up to 15% of a foundry’s total operational costs.
  • Man working on large pipes

    Manufacturing - general

    The manufacturing industry is the largest end-user of energy. There is a range of ways that manufacturing businesses can reduce their energy use and save money.
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    Meat industry

    In a high volume low margin business like meat processing, keeping energy costs under control has been essential to long-term sustainability.