Why be energy efficient?

Refrigeration and tank storage account for 50–70% of energy consumption in a winery. Focusing  on ways to reduce energy use in refrigeration and other high usage areas can greatly improve energy efficiency and create savings for your business.

The Australian Government has funded the development of energy efficiency information for over 300 wineries. This information helps wineries assess the benefits of energy efficient improvements in their operations. Many Australian wineries are already saving money by looking at ways to reduce their energy use.

Case studies

The South Australian Wine Industry Association Incorporated (SAWIA) has developed case studies on how wineries have improved their energy efficiency.

  • McLaren Vintners is predicted to achieve annual savings of $50 000 and annual energy savings of 23% by insulating their storage tanks.
  • Taylors Wines in Clare Valley is expected to save $27 800 annually by replacing air compressors and using solar energy for their wastewater treatment plant.

See the case studies on the SAWIA website.

Key resources

SAWIA has also developed a variety of resources to help wineries save energy, including a Wine Energy Saver Toolkit containing information to help identify, prioritise and action energy efficiency improvements for wine manufacturing.

See the SAWIA website for more information on energy efficiency in wineries.

Also see the Food and beverage manufacturing page on the EEX website for more energy efficiency opportunities, case studies and resources.