Why be energy efficient?

Irrigators need to become more energy efficient in order to reduce their operating costs. Improved irrigation efficiency can increase grower returns through reduced irrigation costs and also, potentially, higher yields.

Case studies

Burdekin Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc. (BBIFMAC) has developed the Energy Efficiency Gains for Australian Irrigators (EEGAI) website. This website provides a range of energy information to empower irrigators and community organisations to make informed decisions about energy efficiency.

Case studies are available on the website on topics such as pump efficiency, electricity tariffs, underground pipes, and irrigation efficiency. Videos featuring each case study are also available.

Key resources

The EEGAI website contains a range of other resources for Australian irrigators, including:

  • factsheets on energy efficiency gains for Australian irrigators, irrigation energy saving ideas, electricity bills and meter readings, irrigation tariff options and information, and improving irrigation efficiency
  • a tariff calculator for irrigators
  • an Engagement Manual
  • videos on the case studies, workshops, and topics such as energy savings opportunities and solar options for irrigators
  • slides from presentations on topics such as retail tariffs, updates on electricity prices for irrigators, energy in pumping, water and energy assessment tools, improving surface irrigation to reduce costs, automation, clean and clever energy, pump audits, bore maintenance, solar and irrigation opportunities.

See the Energy Efficiency Gains for Australian Irrigators website for more information on energy efficiency in the irrigation sector.