• Two men standing in a field with cows

    Agriculture - general

    Farms are major users of energy; however, direct actions by farmers can help reduce energy expenses as a proportion of the overall farm budget.
  • Cotton being harvested


    Electricity and diesel can account for up to 50% of grower's total input costs. By becoming more energy efficient growers can improve their profitability.
  • Man standing at fence with cows in background


    Dairy Australia has developed advice on how to reduce energy consumption on dairy farms to improve energy efficiency and save farmers money.
  • Apples on production line


    On average fruit businesses can save $16 300 per year from cost effective upgrades with a payback period of six years or less.
  • Field of crops


    Improved irrigation efficiency can increase grower returns through reduced irrigation costs and also, potentially, higher yields.
  • Harvesting grapes


    Refrigeration and tank storage account for 50–70% of energy consumption in a winery. By improving energy efficiency in these areas, wineries can save on their energy bills.
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