• Two men standing in a field with cowsAgriculture
    The Agricultural sector is a significant user of energy and action to ensure it is used efficiently can help reduce this expense.
  • A truckBusiness services
    Business services including office spaces, supply chain transport and warehousing are all areas where significant energy savings can be made.
  • Inside a commercial office buildingCommercial buildings
    Improving energy efficiency in the commercial and services sector makes good business sense.
  • vegetable sorting in progress on a machineManufacturing
    By improving energy efficiency, manufacturers can reduce costs and increase predictable earnings in the face of rising electricity prices.
  • Gridning steel in a foundryManufacturing - small business
    Energy can be a significant cost for some small manufacturing businesses and improving efficiency can help reduce these costs.
  • A freight train.Mining
    Mining is a big consumer of energy and investment in integrated energy efficiency can provide significant payback.
  • A dog at the vets.Other services
    Energy consumption is a significant cost for most businesses in the services sector and reducing energy waste can help reduce this.
  • A sports club.Social and community services
    Energy costs can be reduced by taking some simple and often no or low cost measures to minimise wasted energy.
  • A road train.Transport
    Fuel is often one of the highest operating costs for transport operators and small improvements in fuel efficiency can have a significant impact on competitiveness.