This is a sample of undergraduate engineering programs with energy efficiency-related content available in Australian universities in 2011 (identified by keywords).

Institution Course
Australian Capital Territory
Australian National University Thermal Energy Systems ENGN2222
Energy Systems Engineering ENGN3224
Solar Energy Technologies ENGN4524
Sustainable Systems: Urban ENVS2012
Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies ENGN4516
Northern Territory
Charles Darwin University Environmental Awareness And Sustainability (ENG417)
Renewable Energy (ENG426)
Power Systems Analysis (ENG474)
New South Wales
Macquarie University ENGG450: Systems Design And Engineering
ENGG460: Engineering Principles And Practice
University of New England ENGT360 Planning and Design in Engineering Practice
ECOL204 Ecological Methods
University of Technology Sydney 48571 Electrical Machines
48550 Renewable Energy Systems
48651 Thermodynamics
University of Wollongong EESC208 Environmental Impact of Societies
MATE412 Electronic Materials
MECH252 Thermodynamics, Experimental Methods and Analysis
ENGG378 Sustainable Energy Technologies
MECH442 Sustainable Energy in Buildings
MECH479 Sustainable Transport and Engine Technologies
STS 300 The Environmental Context: Imagining a Zero Carbon Future
University of Newcastle
CHEE2691 Heat Transfer and Design of Energy Systems
CHEE2931 Green Engineering
ELEC4100 Electrical systems
ENVS2040 Energy and the Environment
GENG1803 Introduction to Engineering Practice
MCHA2000 Mechatronic Systems
ELEC2132 Electric Energy Systems
University of New South Wales SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy
SOLA2020 Photovoltaic Technology and Manufacturing
SOLA3540 Applied PV
SOLA2053 Sustainable & Renewable Energy Technologies
MMAN2700 Thermodynamics
CEIC2009 Material and Energy Balances in the Chemical Process Industry
Griffith University 3203ENG: Renewable Energy Systems
4208ENG: Hazardous Waste Management
4311ENG: Energy Resources Management
3314ENG: Power Distribution and Storage
3203ENG: Renewable Energy Systems
3315ENG: Efficient Energy Systems
3301ENG: Practical Electronics
James Cook University CL2501 – Process Analysis
CL3030 – Reactor Design
EG3000 – Engineering Project Management
EG4000 – Engineering Economics
CS3004 – Transportation Engineering
EG3002 – Finite Element Analysis and Structural Dynamics
EE4400 – Power Engineering 3
ME4522 – Energy, Conversion and Refrigeration
Queensland University of Technology ENB130 Mechanical and Thermal Energy
ENB200 Introducing Engineering Systems
UDB111 Engineering Construction Materials
UDB316 Cost Planning and Control
ENB336 Industrial Engineering
ENB422 Energy Management
ENB423 Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
ENB433 Plant and Process Design
ENB434 Tribology
University of Queensland ENGG4103 Engineering Asset management
CHEE4042 Energy Systems in Sustainable Development
MINE2201 Physical & Chemical Processing of Materials
MINE1100 Sustainable Development of Resources
MECH4460 Energy and Environment
CHEE2002 Process Systems Analysis
ENGG4000 Introduction to Systems Engineering
CHEE2001 Process Principles
ENGG4101 Systems Engineering and Design Management
University of Southern Queensland REN1201 Environmental Studies (FOSCI)
ELE2704 Electricity Supply Systems (FOENS)
South Australia
Flinders University ENGR1401 Professional Skills for Engineers
ENGR1711 Engineering Design
University of Adelaide MECH ENG 3105 – Sustainability & the Environment
CHEM ENG 4048 – Biofuels, Biomass and Wastes
TECHCOMM 3006 -Energy Management, Economics & Policy
ELEC ENG 2012 – Sustainable Energy Project
ELEC ENG 3021 – Electric Energy Systems
ELEC ENG 3029 – Project Management for Sustainable Energy
ELEC ENG 4062 – Distributed Generation Technologies
MECH ENG 4145 – Sustainable Thermal Technologies
DESST 3511 – Sustainable Commercial Building Design
MECH ENG 4144 – Renewable Fluid Power Technology
MECH ENG 4112 – Combustion Technology & Emission Control
University of South Australia EEET 1025 Electrical and Energy Systems
ENGG 3002 Environmental Engineering N
POLI 2019 Sustainable Development: A Global Perspective
University of Tasmania KNE122 Engineering Circuit Theory
KNE213 Thermal and Fluid Engineering
KNE417 Civil Engineering Design 2
KNE241 Power Electronics
KNE342 Electrical Machines and Power Systems
KNE354 Thermal Engineering 1
KNE443 Power System Operation and Control
KNE331 Advanced Circuits and Power Electronics
JEE114 Electrical Fundamentals (Launceston Campus)
JEE223 Thermal Engineering
JEE457 Marine Thermal Energy Systems
JEE486 Marine Electrical Powering and Systems
Deakin University SED402 Advanced Design Methodologies (G, X)
Monash University ENV3761 – Waste management and remediation
ENV3639 – Minerals and energy
CHE2162 – Material and energy balances
CHE2164 – Thermodynamics I
CHE3163 – Sustainable processing I
CHE4173 – Sustainable processing 2
ECE4043 – Optical communications
ECE4045 – Network performance
ECE4053 – Electrical energy – generation and supply
ECE4063 – Large scale digital design
MTE4593 – Materials and environment
MEC2404 – Fluid mechanics I
MEC2405 – Thermodynamics
MEC3454 – Thermodynamics and heat transfer
MEC4404 – Professional practice
RMIT University EEET2334 Renewable Electrical Energy Systems
EEET2265 Efficient Energy Systems
EEET2106 Power System Analysis and Control
PHYS2066 Energy and Earth’s Environment
Swinburne University of Technology HES1115 Sustainable Design
HES6176 Environmental Sustainability in Construction
HDPD224 Product Design Engineering 2: Sustainable Design
HES4350 Mechanical Systems Design
HES6122 Sustainable Design and Manufacture
University of Ballarat ENMEC2031 Electronic Circuits And Systems
ENMEC3060 Programmable Logic Controllers
University of Melbourne (“3+2” Engineering Education model, where engineering is taught at a masters level, so details found for Masters programs only. Students complete a B Science, B Environments, B Biomedicine or B Commerce and then engineering is available at Masters level)
ENEN90033 Solar Energy
CHEN90017 Process Engineering Case Studies
CHEN20008 Chemical Process Analysis 2
University of Victoria Engineering and the Community [ENF1103]
Electrical Power Systems, Analysis and Operation [EPS4100]
Alternative Energy Systems and Power Electronics [ENE4203]
Engineering Management [VAN3052]
Urban Development and Transportation [VAC4172]
Electrical Power Systems 1 [VAA2002]
Environmentally Sustainable Design 1 [VAA3031]
Environmentally Sustainable Design 2 [VAA3032]
HVAC Systems 2 [VAA3072]
Building Systems Design and Costing [VAA4182]
Environmentally Sustainable Design 3 [VAA4032]
Engineering Analysis [VAM2131]
Manufacturing Materials [VAM2132]
Mechanical Engineering Design [VAM2142]
Advanced Mechanics 1 [VAM4111]
Electrical Power Systems 2 [VAA3001]
HVAC Systems 1 [VAA3071]
Facility Life Cycle Costing [VCP5736]
Western Australia
Curtin University of Technology 308801 (v.1) Thermal Engineering Processes 331
308785 (v.1) Power Electronics and Drives 401
300786 (v.3) Renewable Energy Principles 301
12861 (v.4) Renewable Energy Systems 402
9414 (v.5) Electronic Design 301
Edith Cowan University ENS2259 Thermodynamics
ENS4445 Sustainability and Renewable Energy
Murdoch University Design Concepts in Science and Engineering (ENG141)
Electromechanical Energy Conversion (ENG347)
Operation and Control of Power Systems (ENG455)
ENG352 – Energy Supply Systems
ENG351 – Renewable Energy Design Workshop
ENG421 – Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
ENG307 – Resources for Renewable Energy
ENV210 – Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development
PEC390 – Energy System
PEC294 – Energy Management
ENG347 – Electromechanical Energy Conversion
University of Western Australia *No course descriptions given, however, the following may be relevant:
Engineering Challenges in a Global World
Mass and Energy Balances
Chemical Process: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Fluid Mechanics
Environmental Systems
Physical Electronics
Signals and Systems
Electric Machines
Electric Circuits

Source: Energy Efficiency Advisory Group (November 2011) Energy Efficiency Resources for Undergraduate Engineering Education, DRET Canberra