It is easy to confuse the terms ‘energy management’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘energy conservation’. This series of fact sheets clarifies some of the key terms related to energy management with discussion of the associated benefits and issues. Additionally, the key elements of an effective energy management strategy are introduced. This resource will be helpful to those unfamiliar with basic energy management concepts. Clear and concise definitions can also help those writing an energy management related business proposal.

The Energy Smart Toolbox is a joint initiative of the NSW and WA Governments.

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  1. Introducing energy management
  2. Focus on important management issues
  3. Energy management matrix
  4. Developing a strategic approach
  5. Your organisations energy policy
  6. Taking responsibility for energy management
  7. Motivating staff to save energy
  8. Monitoring energy use
  9. Market your way to success
  10. Energy management investments
  11. Training for a succesful energy management strategy
  12. Conducting an energy audit
  13. Other success stories