Organisations with an ISO 50001-certified energy management system are invited to apply for recognition from the Clean Energy Ministerial awards program. The 2017 Energy Management Leadership Awards raise international awareness of the benefits of energy management and accelerate the uptake of clean energy technologies and practices.

Organisations entering the competition will need to submit a case study, to be evaluated by an independent panel of experts. 

Winning entries will receive the CEM 2017 Award of Excellence for Energy Management. These organisations will be recognised next year during the eighth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM8) meeting, to be held in China and attended by energy ministers and corporate leaders from around the world.

Tips for your submission

  • Adhere to the case study format and structure. Use sub-headings to organise your story and help readers find important information.
  • Tell a story. Where possible, include in-depth descriptions or specific examples. Describe your innovations and successes.
  • Refer to the evaluation criteria before submitting your case study. Imagine the perspective of a judge reading about your company for the first time, and frame your story accordingly.
  • Include quotes that provide unique insights, rather than generalities.
  • Explain your quantifiable results and your approach to normalising numbers.
  • Proofread for grammar and clarity.
  • Keep your case study to 4–6 pages.

Meet the judges

The CEM Energy Management Working Group is pleased to announce that an independent panel of international experts has been confirmed to judge applications and determine the winners. The following energy management system (EnMS) experts comprise the 2017 panel:   

Albert Dessi, Australia

Michael DeWit and Bei Wang, Canada

Michel de Laire, Chile

Suhas Lohokare, India

Aris Ika Nugrahanto, Indonesia

Liam McLaughlin, Ireland

Bernardo Lazcano, Mexico

Akira Ishihara and Fuyuhiko Noda, Japan

Wendy da Cruz, South Africa

Kit Oung, United Kingdom

Bettina Schreck, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

For more information, including the case study template, see the Clean Energy Ministerial website.