The Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market is now available.

A key objective is for the Australian Government to establish a Clean Energy Target.

Prepared by Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, this Blueprint for the Future will deliver four key outcomes:

Increased security
A secure electricity system is one that continues to operate across the entire region despite disruptions. A more secure power system will be resilient to the integration of new technologies and resistant to the threat of natural disasters and cyber security attacks.

Future reliability
Reliability of supply is one of the foundations of our electricity system. As ageing generators retire we must ensure that new generators enter the market to meet demand.

Reward for consumers
Consumers are at the heart of our electricity system. The actions of consumers will be harnessed to improve the reliability and security of the electricity system and keep costs down. Consumers will be better informed and rewarded for managing their electricity demand.System upgrades and new generation will be achieved at lowest cost.

Lower emissions
The electricity sector will do its share to meet Australia’s commitment to reduce emissions. A long-term emissions reduction trajectory will encourage investment in system capabilities.

The review is available now from the Department of the Environment and Energy with further background information at Australia's Chief Scientist website.