Commerical Buildings and Services

Woolworths Limited

Woolworths’ Sustainability Strategy has helped to increase the focus on energy efficiency across the business by clearly communicating management commitment and establishing a number of sustainability goals, including a significant carbon emissions reduction target.

GPT Group

Energy efficiency has been strongly integrated into GPT management systems including policy, targets, remuneration bonuses and expenditure review processes.

Spotless Integrated Services

Spotless incorporates energy efficiency proposals into tender responses to provide a competitive advantage. This is particularly important for clients with ambitious environmental targets.

National Australia Bank

NAB’s goal to become carbon neutral, which was achieved in September 2010, has helped to drive their energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction programs.

Sydney Water

By developing an evaluation process for energy efficiency business case proposals that was approved by the finance team the energy management unit at Sydney water was able to streamline the approval process for energy efficiency projects.



Simplot Australia

Simplot has introduced policies, procedures and checklists to ensure that energy efficiency is considered for all projects.

The Foster’s Group

Foster’s had in place a 10% target to reduce energy consumption per unit of production by 2011 compared to a 2007 baseline and this has helped to drive energy efficiency projects within its production facilities.



Centennial Coal

Centennial Coal began energy efficiency assessments in response to state and federal government legislation.

Downer EDI Mining

Downer EDI Mining considers their approach to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas abatement to be part of their competitive advantage when tendering for contracts.

Newmont Asia Pacific

Newmont Asia Pacific share three business case examples, Presenting the business case for energy efficiency to site management, Process changes on the jaw crusher at Jundee Operations and Minimising ventilation fan operation to reduce energy use and defer major capital expenditure.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

At Yandicoogina the business case for metering was developed over a six month period. An experienced electrical engineer, who was also the site Energy Champion, played a key role in developing the business case. 


Australia Post

Australia Post’s carbon reduction target of 25% by 2020 has driven the implementation of a comprehensive Carbon Reduction Strategy, overseen by a senior management steering committee.


Senior management at Linfox was involved in establishing targets and communicating support for energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas reduction before energy efficiency assessments.

Ron Finemore Transport

Ron Finemore Transport’s commitment to energy efficiency provides a competitive advantage for the company because information about energy and greenhouse gas management practices is increasingly requested by customers and required in tender documents.