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The checklist below summarises some of questions you can ask in considering potential risks associated with the implementation of your project and the action you can take to minimise them.

Type of risk Questions to ask Action you can take
Financial risk Will the project deliver the savings predicted during scoping?Will the funds requested for the project be sufficient to deliver the project? Ensure any quotes come from reputable sources.Review a similar project if available and use any monitoring and verification of their projects to inform your own calculations.

Conduct sensitivity analysis to account for variability in the assumptions you make about the costs and benefits of your project.

See also the Energy Savings Measurement Guide and Potential Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the Australian Road and Rail Sectors

trategic risk Will the funds be used inappropriately, and hinder the organisation’s ability to deliver other corporate goals? Demonstrate how your project links to existing policies and strategies and make sure you follow any processes that are outlined in your organisation.
Operational-technical risk Does the project involve potential interruptions to normal plant operations? Consult with the relevant managers and specialist expertise as required.
Operational-safety risk Will the project involve safety issues? Most organisations will have an established safety risk assessment protocol that will need to be followed.