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Funding optionDescriptionPotential for your project
Operational expenditure (Opex)Funding to maintain business operations. Opex funds have a short term focus so are more suited to lower cost/shorter payback projects. 
Capital expenditure (Capex)One-off expenditure on items required to generate income in the future. Capex funds often have a mid to long term focus and may require more competitive business case process to secure funds. 
Business improvement fundsSome organisations may have business improvement programs. Energy efficiency projects may be eligible for funding through these programs where there is a significant productivity benefit. 
Corporate fundingFunding may be available from Corporate Head Office to support trials and other initiatives where there are significant company wide benefits but funds are not available at the site or divisional level and/or where a project has application across a number of sites and buildings or across a fleet of vehicles.In some cases corporate funding may be available through a dedicated energy efficiency fund. 
Government fundsState and Federal governments provide funds, tax rebates and a range of other initiatives. A list of current government initiatives is available on the Programs section of this website. 
Alternative funding options
  • Energy Performance Contracts are most commonly applied to buildings. The key feature of this approach is that an energy services company guarantees the energy savings that will be delivered. The services company is paid from these savings for the term of the contract. Once the work is completed and the contract has ended, the full savings revert to the building owner.
  • Australian Research Council grants may be available for innovative projects that require a significant amount of research.
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation offers a number of low interest loans and innovative funding options to implement energy efficiency projects.