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Plan Your Business Case Proposal
When does the proposal need to be completed? You may need to complete your business case proposal to meet a budget deadline, to meet compliance requirements under mandatory government programs or to meet a deadline for external funding.
What is the source of funding are you proposing to use? Establish your primary source of funding as this will influence the level of detail required in your business case proposal.
Who will make the final decision on the project? Sometimes this is not clear. By taking the time to identify the decision-makers early in the process you can more effectively target your proposal.
Will your proposal be written and/or require a presentation? This will influence the structure of your final business case proposal.
Are there established guidelines that you will need to follow? In some organisations and for external funding there are established protocols and templates that must be completed. Find out what these are early in the process to save time later.
What level of accuracy is required for your financial costings? The level of accuracy will have a strong influence on the time and resources required to complete your proposal.
Are there people with experience and expertise that you can call on to help you develop your business case proposal? By getting the involvement and advice from others you can save time and effort as you develop your business case proposal.
How much time do you have and what resources are available to help you develop your business case proposal? The time and resources required to develop a proposal can vary depending upon the type of project. If you have not been allocated sufficient time and resources then you may need to let your manager know as soon as you are aware of this in order to discuss the options available to you.
Who needs to be consulted and involved in developing the business case proposal? You will need to know this early so that you arrange to have the right people involved in the proposal process. Involve the right people
How and when might decision-makers be consulted? This is an important part of building support for your proposal. Engaging decision-makers should happen well before a business case proposal is presented. Identify and communicate with decision makers
Is there a similar business case proposal that you can review and learn from? This can save you time and effort.
Develop Your Business Case Proposal
What are the current business priorities in your organisation and how does your project link with them? Linking to current business priorities can make a big difference to the level of support provided by management. Link your project to current business priorities
What are the risks associated with your projects and how can those risks be managed? It is important to demonstrate to the decision-maker that you have identified and are managing implementation risks to give them confidence that implementation of the project won’t lead to unintended consequences. Identify project risks and develop strategies to manage them
What are the direct and indirect ‘whole of business’ costs and benefits? Include all of the “whole of business” costs and benefits to provide a more complete perspective on the project. Describe as clearly as you can those benefits that you cannot quantify.

Describe & quantify all business costs & benefits

Checklist: whole of business costs and benefits

Other resources: Energy Savings Measurement Guide

Are there additional funding sources that you have not yet considered? Think outside the square and you may find alternative ways of financing your project. Consider a range of funding options
Have you included all the information required and in a suitable format for your business case proposal? An incomplete proposal could undermine your efforts to demonstrate to the decision-maker that you have a robust business case! Checklist: What to include in your business case proposal