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You can use this checklist to consider the high level business drivers for energy efficiency at your site or across your organisation. These can provide the basis for a management briefing. You can also use them to identify high level risks and benefits associated with a particular business case proposal.

Check Reason and case study link Relevance in your organisation
Energy supply issues Security of supply is essential for business continuity

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Rising energy prices Rising energy prices will have an impact on overhead costs and profitability

Simplot Australia

Customer expectations regarding energy and greenhouse performance Customer expectations may be product and service related (e.g. NABERS rating of buildings or capability to deliver energy efficiency improvement through a contract).

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They may be reputation based (e.g. customers wanting to work with organisations that can demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction)

Ron Finemore Transport

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Employee expectations The ability to demonstrate proactive action on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction can attract and retain employees

National Australia Bank

Investor expectations regarding energy and greenhouse performance Investors are looking at how well companies are managing energy and carbon risks, e.g. through reports to the Carbon Disclosure Project or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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Local community concerns Community awareness is growing regarding the actions that organisations can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.
Legislative requirements Companies have a range of legislative obligations, e.g. EEO, NGERS, EREP, NABERS mandatory disclosure in commercial buildings.
Government funding and tax benefits The availability of government funding may improve the investment return for energy efficiency projects.


Maintenance, reliability and/or other operational issues Implementing energy efficiency can deliver a range of co-benefits (see “whole of business benefits” checklist)