Event Date: 
19 September 2017
DEXUS Place, Level 15 Governor Macquarie Tower, One Farrer Place, Sydney

The Program

Key modules during the day will be shaped alongside collaboration with key sponsors. The draft program is as follows:

1. Market Pulse. A vibrant look at the major trends and business opportunities in new building materials, building technologies and interiors. What you need to know about demand drivers in the near to mid term so you can stay ahead of the game and not be caught out by rapid change.

2. Sci-fi has arrived. And it’s in our building. What does it look like? Does it speak? Read our thoughts? Is it embedded in the walls and ceiling? And does the boss hold the key card? Can we really print green concrete and furniture? What’s that robot doing with my lunch?

3. The future of new and old materials. What’s coming, what’s been and coming back? Timber, steel, concrete, hemp, composite carbons, building wraps and membranes, smart glass, facades that make this building a power station. And cool.

4. Supply chain. Where did you get that and how was it made? No one wants stranded assets. Our summit will shake out the key issues so that you can concentrate on what’s relevant for your business, what’s likely and what’s not. What’s the truth about carbon and LCA?

5. Interiors. The outside is in. Healthy, edgy, biophilia is keeping us sane and healthy. Bring it on. Not everyone can work in a converted warehouse so what’s next in cool offices?

6. A crash course on how to speed date a client, or set up some seriously productive alliances and partnerships with your clients, peers or even competitors… why not?

7. Develop a policy for buildings and building materials of the future. Deliver this to government and industry. Publish. Tomorrowland is today.