The Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Information Grants (EEIG) program assisted several industry associations to develop practical energy-efficiency information for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EnergyCut and SCLAA energy efficiency information program are two of the activities funded by the EEIG.


An initiative of the Do Something collective, is an energy-efficiency portal for SMEs and community groups around Australia. The website includes best-practice guides, videos, case studies and an energy-bill savings calculator. Information has been tailored for a wide range of business sectors and community activities. The centrepiece of the site is the 460-page EnergyCut book, a 20-step guide to cutting energy bills. Many of the solutions it discusses can be implemented at little or no cost.

Author Jon Dee explains, ‘You don’t have to be an expert in energy efficiency to understand this book. You also don’t have to implement every step. The program is designed to be carried out at a pace that fits in with your busy schedule.’ The EnergyCut book is available as a free PDF (19 MB) and is supplemented by the online Step-Selector.

SCLAA energy efficiency solutions

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia’s (SCLAA) national energy-efficiency information program is designed to help SMEs in the transport and warehouse sectors better understand and manage their use of energy.

Other recipients of EEIG funding

  • Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association, energy+

  • South Australian Wine Industry Association, Winery Energy Saver Toolkit

  • Australian Foundry Institute, Foundry Institute Energy Efficiency Toolkit

  • Food South Australia, Energy Efficiency Equipment Toolkit

  • Australian Hotels Association, Hotel Energy Efficiency Program

  • Australian Food and Grocery Council, empower

  • Australian Industry Group, Energy Efficiency Assist

  • Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre, Energy Project