In 2012, the then Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism consulted with industry, university academics, representatives from Engineers Australia’s technical colleges and other practicing energy engineers to refine its understanding of the energy efficiency graduate competencies and learning pathways needed to meet industry’s needs. The consultation identified knowledge, and technical and enabling skills for engineers in relation to energy efficiency, both generally, and as they relate to specific engineering sub-disciplines. The Department expects this set of knowledge and skills to evolve with time.

  • Report on Engineering Education Consultation 2012 (Opens in a new window)

    This report provides a summary of consultations undertaken in 2012 with representatives from industry, Engineers Australia and academics to identify graduate attributes, learning outcomes and learning pathways needed by engineering students and graduates in relation to energy efficiency.

  • Briefing Note for Engineering Disciplines 2012 (Opens in a new window)

    This document was developed as a preliminary guide to the relevance of energy efficiency for each of Engineers Australia’s discipline colleges as well as the mining and metallurgy engineering sub-sector. It discusses both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific (specialist) attributes identified through previous research, and the characteristics that would be desirable for engineering graduates to possess.

    It also outlines the knowledge and skills needed to establish these attributes (learning pathways). The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and the authors, regard this as a ‘living document’–one that can be refined and expanded in light of feedback.