Resource materials and funding are available to support companies, industry associations and the training sector to provide training, or to develop new training content.

Training resources

A range of training resources are available for trainers and educators interested in teaching energy efficiency, either on-the-job or in the formal education system.

The Energy Management section includes a range of information resources from Australia and overseas outlining best practice energy management approaches.

The Industry Sectors and Technologies sections provide a range of technical resources related to energy efficiency opportunities.

The website also contains a range of interesting case studies on what companies are doing.

Government energy efficiency programs

Government energy efficiency programs are a good source of guidance material for how to undertake energy efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency Opportunities program (now closed) developed a range of guidance material including an energy efficiency assessment handbook, industry case studies and related material on topics such as estimating and measuring energy savings, undertaking an energy-mass balance and conducting representative assessments.

Guidance materials from other government energy efficiency programs are referred to in the Energy Management section .

Higher education teaching materials

Through the Skills for the Carbon Challenge initiative, the Australian Government funded the development of the Learning and Teaching Sustainability website, which highlights a range of resources for educators on sustainability topics, including energy efficiency.  In addition, the website aims to contribute to the formation of a community of practice in energy efficiency and sustainability education.

Energy efficiency education materials suitable for higher education have been developed by a number of Australian and international institutions. A sample list of resources which could support the development of energy efficiency training materials was identified through recent research.

Vocational education and training (VET) resources and teaching materials

Support programs for training and skills development

Programs are available to support the development of new training content, as well as to subsidise the upskilling of employees in energy efficiency and sustainability skills.

Energy Efficiency Training, NSW

The NSW Government’s Energy Saver training courses offer hands-on experience in energy management for businesses to learn how to implement energy efficiency projects. The training includes courses on building a business case, energy management basics, lighting, HVAC, co-generation and other topics. See the NSW Office of Heritage and Environment website for course dates and bookings.