EEX aims to support the development and implementation of energy management and energy efficiency strategies by providing quality information from respected national and international sources in one location.

EEX complements other energy-efficiency initiatives administered by Australian governments under the National Energy Productivity Plan.

EEX content

EEX content has been developed and peer-reviewed by industry experts. This has included an audit of high-quality resources from Australian and international sources.

EEX is intended for use by small-to-medium enterprises and large Australian energy-using companies.

Also see state and territory government websites for available energy efficiency programs and other resources (see Programs or Related websites for more information). A broad range of information and assistance for business is also available from

People seeking information on energy efficiency for households and home-based businesses should visit the Your Energy Savings website.

Please email us at eex [at] if you would like to contribute feedback or ideas.

Energy EXchange website contributors

Content for EEX was originally compiled with the assistance of various industry and government representatives.

Authors of content specific to EEX include the following. (Note, some roles may have changed.)

Industry sectors and technologies consortium led by the Australian National University, including Dr Michael Smith, Adjunct Professor Alan Pears (Sustainable Solutions Ltd), Geoff Andrews (Genesis Now) and Deni Greene (Deni Greene Consulting Services).

The Strategic Case for Energy Management; Establishing an Energy Management System, Energy Efficiency Assessments – Energy Made Clean (formerly HAC Consulting).

Energy Procurement – Marsden Jacob Associates.

The Business Case and Beyond – Patrick Crittenden (Sustainable Business) and Helen Lewis Research.

In addition, representatives from many companies, industry and professional associations, academia and government have reviewed and assisted compilation of content across the EEX website.