Australian Industry Report 2015

This year’s industry report focuses on structural change. The Australian economy is in transition and future growth will need to draw from a broader base.

The report sheds light on enabling services, appropriate regulation as essential to facilitate sustainable economic growth and the ongoing importance of research and development activities.

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Australian Innovation System Report 2015

The sixth Australian Innovation System Report explores innovative entrepreneurship. By finding new ways of creating, delivering and capturing value, visionary entrepreneurs are important game-changers who defy old business models, rewrite the rules, and define new traditions in their industries. The report highlights entrepreneurship in areas such as breakthrough solar technologies. Excel tables relating to the report are also available.

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Electricity Generation – Major Projects

This report highlights the major electricity generation projects in Australia, which use renewable and non-renewable sources. Project data comes directly from generation companies and publicly available sources. The report presents a snapshot of investment in the electricity generation sector, from projects recently completed through to those in the developmental stage.

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