20 October is the second World Statistics Day, an event which is held every five years as decided by the United Nations General Assembly. For 2015, the theme is Better data, better lives. Statistics help to quantify many aspects of life, highlighting trends and challenges in economics, societal wellbeing, technology, infrastructure, resources and the environment.

Some recent statistics relating to energy efficiency:

  • Renewable generation in Australia grew by 12% in the last financial year
  • 2 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions have been abated by International Energy Agency member countries since 1990
  • Lighting can account for up to 40% of energy costs in buildings.

Data.gov.au encourages public access to Australian Government data in useful formats under open licences. The data have been supplied by numerous government agencies, with over 170 energy-related datasets currently available.

Datasets provided by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science cover energy use ranging from household appliances up to large-scale industrial and government applications. They include:

Energy Efficiency in Government Operations – EEGO presents a breakdown of energy use according to activity type, portfolio and agency.

Smart-Grid Smart-City Customer Trial Data – customer time-of-use and demographic data, as well as detailed information on appliance use, climate, product offers and other factors.

EEO Opportunities Register – sortable energy efficiency data and initiatives that may be useful for other organisations looking to improve their energy productivity.

Energy Rating Data for household appliances, labelled and non-labelled. The first dataset contains information about the energy efficiency of products that carry the Energy Rating Label. The second dataset relates to appliances that have been registered for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Commercial Building Disclosure – the CBD downloadable data set is a compilation of the entire Building Energy Efficiency Register since its commencement in 2011. Updated weekly.

Energy Savings Initiative Reports – a range of reports on potential initiatives, based on data analyses from a range of sources.