Valuable new content for building and construction professionals, or anyone building a new home, is now available on YourHome, Australia's guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

Design For Place offers sustainable, energy-efficient house plans—free to download.

Launching the online suite of plans ahead of Sustainable House Day, Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Science, Karen Andrews, said the material was a great resource for anyone planning a new home.

'The Design For Place 7-star architect-designed plans put energy-efficient housing floor plans at everyone’s fingertips. The plans use sustainable design principles that will help people save energy and money, no matter where they live in Australia.'

Minimum 7-star energy rating

Design For Place comprises a set of floorplans and elevations for a single storey house, available in three different versions depending on your block size. The designs showcase the use of sustainable design principles for domestic home design and construction.  It includes specifications and construction techniques for a range of climate zones across Australia to achieve a minimum 7-star energy rating.

Design for Place explains seven key areas of focus to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you money:

  • orientation
  • climate
  • natural daylight
  • sun shading
  • natural ventilation
  • liveability
  • thinking local.

The plans were commissioned to help demonstrate the practical design elements that can be used to improve the quality and energy efficiency of current housing. The initiative was developed to address information barriers to the uptake of more efficient home designs by providing free information that can be used as part of a brief for an architect or builder.

Taking advantage of elements such as natural lighting, cross-flow ventilation, and passive heating and cooling opportunities which can be built in to a home at the outset, can reduce ongoing energy costs for many years to come. The functional floor plans can be adapted to individual lifestyles and changes to household composition over time. The home has all the features of a larger home adapted to a smaller block.

It’s a significant new resource for industry professionals and anyone designing a home, and complements the comprehensive range of advice on YourHome about building and renovating.

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