The NSW Government is helping everyone to take action that matters, with a round-up of resources for saving energy, money and conserving the environment.

Hosted by the Office of Environment and Heritage, Action matters provides energy efficiency and sustainability support for householders, community groups, service providers and government agencies.

Action matters for business too, with a range of tailored programs, management tools, information resources and training options to deliver major benefits in reducing consumption, overheads and operating costs.

Resources for businesses include:

Sustainability benefits – practices in sustainability help businesses increase their resilience, productivity and bring a competitive advantage.

Energy-efficiency expert finder – search a list of experts from approved companies

Financing your project – explore the options available for funding your company’s energy efficiency upgrades or harnessing renewables

Programs and financial assistance – specialist programs that provide NSW businesses with practical and financial assistance to achieve great resource efficiency and sustainable practices.

Energy efficiency training – several courses on energy management and various technologies are available.

Industry-specific guides – a series of energy-efficiency guides featuring technologies such as lighting, refrigeration and cogeneration. A new HVAC optimisation guide outlines 20 HVAC improvement strategies and how they can be applied, with potential energy savings of up to 50 per cent.

Assessment tools and calculators – assess your energy-efficiency options online.

Case studies – a wide range of specific case studies from all industrial sectors.