Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plans are a requirement of the Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Act). The Act ensures that open, fair and transparent information about project procurement opportunities is provided by all levels of the project’s supply chain—from procurement entities to lower-tier suppliers. AIP plans are required for major projects, valued at $500 million or more, which establish, expand or upgrade a facility.

An AIP plan provides details on:

  • the expected opportunities to supply goods and/or services to a project
  • how these opportunities will be communicated
  • how participation of Australian businesses will be assisted in the long-term, including capability development and integration into global supply chains.

AIP Plans not only provide benefits to Australian businesses, they also benefit owners of major projects. For example:

  • AIP plans can help connect owners of a major project with the most suitable and capable Australian businesses, including those of which they may otherwise have been unaware
  • developing a plan can reduce risk by broadening the potential supply base, rationalising logistics costs and securing community support for a project.

The AIP Authority provides assistance and guidance on how to meet the obligations under the Act. For more information, visit the AIP site, email aip [at], or phone (02) 6213 6404.