The availability of finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects has increased in recent years with a range of finance options available to commercial businesses.

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance Guide was launched this month by NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes MP, to assist businesses in understanding the support available to them.

‘For the first time NSW has a guide which puts all the information businesses need about financing clean energy in one place,’ Mr Stokes said. ‘It is good business to reduce your operating costs and it is good business to maintain the environmental assets upon which our economy is based. The guide explains how traditional finance options such as bank loans and lease agreements work. It also covers innovative types of finance such as Environmental Upgrade Agreements.’

The guide provides practical information on the types of finance available to businesses, along with:

  • a series of tools for selecting the most suitable type of finance, including a decision tree, decision matrix and cash flow models
  •  information on financiers, and the suitability of each type for different industry sectors, technologies and businesses
  • steps for securing each of the finance options
  • checklists for eligibility and templates to streamline the application process
  • case studies showing the financial benefit of installing energy efficiency equipment over
  • standard equipment.

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance Guide may be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

The guide and further information on loan financing options are also available on EEX.