Note: Submissions on this draft method have now closed.

The draft industrial fuel and energy efficiency method for the Emissions Reduction Fund is now available for public consultation. This draft method covers a range of electricity and fuel efficiency activities, such as boiler replacements or upgrades, HVAC improvements, upgrades of crushing and grinding equipment and installing variable speed drives. Emission reduction methods establish procedures for estimating abatement from eligible projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund, including rules for monitoring, record-keeping and reporting. These methodologies will ensure that emissions reductions are real and additional to business as usual.

Feedback is sought on the content of the draft method determination as well as views on whether projects implemented under the methods could cause any significant adverse social, environmental or economic impacts.

Interested businesses, community organisations and individuals are invited to make a submission on the Industrial Fuel and Energy Efficiency draft method determination by 12 December 2014. Further information on the Emissions Reduction Fund, including other emissions reduction methods available for consultation, can be found on the Department of the Environment website.