While the EEX website provides information to help you improve energy efficiency in your business, other government resources can assist you with energy savings at home. Many of the tips provided can also be applied to your corporate energy strategies.

Energy Rating app

The government’s new Energy Rating app for mobile phones and tablets is now available. The free app lets consumers compare and save when choosing the most energy-efficient household electrical appliances. It’s the first app of its kind that displays the dollar cost of an appliance’s energy-use over time, as well as its kilowatts-per-hour consumption.

With the app available on mobile platforms, consumers will be able to access energy-efficiency data at the point of purchase, whether in-store or online, and factor running costs into their purchasing decisions.

Domestically available brands and models are included, in the categories of:

  • washers and dryers
  • air conditioners
  • TVs
  • computer monitors
  • dishwashers
  • fridges and freezers.

Users of the Energy Rating app can set the size of the appliance they’re looking for and then start comparing. It’s easy to adjust the timeframe to display an appliance’s power costs, from one year up to ten.

In announcing the app, Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane MP said, ‘This app shows people what the energy rating means financially, and by adding the estimated total power cost to the purchase price, people can see what they are saving. Australian households and businesses can now more easily choose energy-efficient appliances that save money on their power bills.’

The app uses data from the Energy Rating Labelling Scheme, a joint industry and government requirement for energy consumption star-rating labels on a range of appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Industry, Martin Hoffman, features in a short YouTube video on the app and why it was developed. There is also another video which shows the app and its features.

Download the free app from the Energy Rating website.

Hand with a mobile phone showing Energy Rating app, with coffee on table.

Your Energy Savings

The Australian Government's Your Energy Savings website features a huge range of easy-to-read, practical information for householders on how to save energy, cut power bills and water use, reduce waste and travel costs. The site also consolidates up-to-date summaries of all government energy-efficiency and sustainability rebates and available assistance.

You can choose from simple no-cost and low-cost actions. For example, your household can save around $760 a year by washing clothes in cold water, turning off the second fridge when not in use, installing a water-efficient shower head, using the clothes-line instead of the dryer once a week, and switching off video game consoles after use.

Fuel-efficient motor transport options are provided, with detailed advice that can also be extrapolated to corporate fleets.

The Guides section contains information on managing energy use around the home, including how to adjust for seasonal savings throughout the year. Practical steps for balancing the budget are highlighted.

Suggestions are also provided for employees on ways to save energy and reduce waste in the workplace. These steps are a valuable contribution to overall corporate energy management.

The website also features two factsheets available in 33 languages: '5 bright ideas for saving energy and money in your home' and 'A renter’s guide to saving energy and water'.

Visit Your Energy Savings to find out more.