Information detailing several industrial technologies has recently been added to Each technology page includes links to opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and key resources specific to the sectors involved.

Mineral processing

Comminution, the crushing and grinding of rock to extract the valuable minerals, is highly energy-intensive, comprising more than 70% of all energy use in some mining sub-sectors. Various technologies for reducing energy use in comminution are featured on this page.

Waste heat minimisation and recovery

Reducing heat loss not only lowers energy and maintenance costs, but can also minimise emissions of air pollutants while improving the productivity of furnaces, ovens, boilers and other heating equipment. Waste heat recovery technologies, such as cogeneration, have the potential to produce electricity below the price charged by the local electricity provider.

Energy metering, monitoring and control

Recent developments in communications technology have helped bring costs down, making advanced metering a more viable proposition for medium-sized businesses. Advanced energy-metering systems link into control technologies to provide flexible, sophisticated control of energy-using systems according to varying conditions.

Transport technologies

There are significant opportunities across the transport sector to improve fuel efficiency, with a range of technologies and innovations such as reducing vehicle weight, alternative drivetrains, improved aerodynamics and alternative fuels.