Three draft standards on audits to examine corporate energy use are now available from Standards Australia for public comment.

The standards are intended to assist corporations in finding the approach best suited to their business for assessing energy efficiency and the associated cost benefits. In addition, the standards describe best practice for energy auditors.

‘In a competitive market, energy audits identify measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, empowering businesses to become more resilient and sustainable for the future,’ said Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO, Standards Australia.

‘The standards recognise the different approaches to energy auditing but strive to harmonise common aspects in order to bring more clarity and transparency to the whole process.’

Stakeholders in the relevant activities are invited to participate in the completion of these draft standards for energy audits. Comments from participants in the government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program would be particularly helpful towards informing future approaches to industrial energy efficiency audits.

AS/NZS 3598.1 Commercial building operations and maintenance

AS/NZS 3598.2 Industrial and related activities

AS/NZS 3598.3 Transport related activities

Comments close on 10 April 2014.

Australian Standards are available through SAI Global.