With the growing use and reliance on internet services, the energy used to power Australia's data centres is expected to increase substantially over coming years. 
NABERS, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System, has released its energy ratings tools for data centres following three years of development. 
In developing the rating system, NABERS consulted with Australian data centre operators, managers, IT specialists, energy efficiency consultants and state and federal Government agencies. The NSW Government also worked closely with the US Environmental Protection Authority and the international Green Grid, a consortium of IT related companies researching performance based metrics for data centres.
The rating tools allow companies to assess the energy performance of their data centres. The package comprises three tools: one to rate IT equipment in the data centre, another to rate associated infrastructure services and a combined 'whole facility' data centre tool. Organisations can either carry out a self-assessment of their data centre or engage a NABERS accredited assessor.
To read the guide or find out more about the tool visit the NABERS website