A new industrial energy efficiency technology database has been developed in Europe which delivers rich and relevant information about the latest energy efficient technologies and practices across many industrial sectors.

The database, developed by the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP), contains over 300 technology options, as well as performance and cost benchmarks, case studies, and key data for specific sectors and cross-cutting systems.

Information on energy and CO2 saving potentials, and implementation and operational costs is provided to assist companies in assessing the cost-effectiveness of investment options.

Currently, the database contains information for the cement and iron and steel sectors, as well as electric motor-driven systems. Pulp and paper, and glass industries will be added shortly.

The Industrial Efficiency Technology Database is among IIP’s package of databases that aim to support industry and government decision makers share best practice information on technology, policy and financing to improve industrial productivity. IIP is looking to continuously improve the quality and scope of the database, and welcomes feedback from users.

The IETD can be accessed at ietd.iipnetwork.org.