Bathymetric map of the Petrel Sub-basin off the coast of the Northern Territory in northern Australia (Image courtesy Geoscience Australia)

Bathymetric map of the Petrel Sub-basin off the coast of the Northern Territory

Geoscience Australia has released new pre-competitive data that will contribute to Australia's efforts to accelerate the development of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology.

The new data, collected offshore from the Northern Territory in the Petrel Sub-basin, is a significant first step in the Australian Government's $40 million investment to assess the geological suitability of highly prospective offshore basins to potentially store CO2.

The recently released Energy White Paper highlights the important role that CCS technology will play in helping Australia, and its prospective coal and gas industries, to find ways to reduce emissions.

The data will enable industry to make more informed decisions regarding the suitability of sites for CO2 storage and encourage industry to potentially uptake this site.

Geoscience Australia will use the data to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Petrel Sub-basin. The results of this assessment, including the associated geological reports, will be available mid-2013.

In addition to the Petrel Sub-basin, assessments will also be completed for the Vlaming Sub-basin (offshore Western Australia), the Browse Basin (offshore Western Australia), and the Gippsland Basin (offshore Victoria).

The data package for the Petrel Sub-basin, including initial data analysis and post-survey reports, is available through the Geoscience Australia website.