While energy costs can be significant, so are the opportunities to make simple changes that achieve great savings.

A new energy management guide has been released which will help tenants to more effectively manage their energy use.

The NABERS Energy Management Guide for Tenants will assist office buildings tenants to manage their energy use efficiently while having the light, warmth, cooling and power needed to support their business’s operations.The Guide will help office tenants control their energy use

The Guide will help office tenants control their energy use

There are many reasons for using energy more efficiently. The trigger might be a business requirement to meet environmental reporting criteria, or it could be your staff wanting to see the premises run more sustainably. It might be as simple as wanting to reduce medium to long-term costs. The ingredient often missing is knowledge about where to start and how to organise your efforts. The Energy Management Guide for tenants has been prepared to fill this gap.

This Guide will complement the Office of Environment and Heritage’s recently released Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report; which is designed to help businesses choose the right lighting upgrade through outlining the technical specifications and business case for various lighting options.

Office tenants are a diverse group – there are large and small offices, new fitouts and established tenancies. The Guide provides advice for tenants in each situation, providing practical advice on steps any tenant can take themselves to save energy, as well as directions on where to go for professional advice and assistance.

The Guide is available to download here. For more information about rating the energy efficiency of your office tenancy, contact nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au, or a NABERS Accredited Assessor.