Just four weeks after implementing a range of energy saving measures, the owner of an independent supermarket in Melbourne is reaping the rewards.

IGA Meadow Heights, in Melbourne’s north, has recorded a 16 per cent drop in energy use in the past month.

And the store’s owner anticipates he will save more than $25,000 on his energy bills over the course of a year because of the changes he has made.

Meadow Heights IGA is one of six privately owned IGA stores which have engaged Australian electrical innovation company, Specialised Electrical Design and Construction (SEDAC), to improve their energy efficiency.

The Meadow Heights store was the first store to go through the process with SEDAC.

The store’s owner, Neal Morgan, hired SEDAC to assess, monitor and implement cost-saving improvements to reduce his overall energy costs.

The project brief was simple: “Sales and profitability are down due to economic factors beyond our control so we must find ways to significantly reduce the cost of doing business,” Mr Morgan said.

Energy savings have come from a range of improvements, such as:

  • installing automatic power switches on timing
  • improving gas leakage from refrigerators
  • optimising the times of day that air conditioning and heating is used, and
  • maximising the use of fans and other ventilation.

The store also made simple changes like changing lights from Halogen to LED.

Plans are in place to continue the rollout at IGA stores in the Victorian towns of Melton, Sunbury, Gisborne, Delahey and Glengala.

This article was first published on the Clean Energy Future website.