A comprehensive new guide to assist businesses improve their lighting systems shows how energy efficient lighting upgrades can save companies up to 82 percent of their lighting costs.

The NSW Government's Energy Saver Program has developed the Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report to help companies identify appropriate and reliable lighting when upgrading their systems.

15 to 25 per cent of the electricity bill can come from lighting costs. The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, where the report was launched, announced it has made savings of $150,000 per annum through a major lighting upgrade and other energy efficiencies.

The technology report provides a number of practical tools to aid planning and implementation of lighting upgrades including a list comparing the benefits and drawbacks of most existing lighting technologies.

Technologies covered in the Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report include 

  • fluorescent luminaires;
  • halogen downlights;
  • halogen floodlighting;
  • LED luminaires;
  • street lighting; and
  • lighting sensors. 

The report also provides tools to help companies write their business case and tender for lighting retrofits.

The Energy Efficient Lighting Technology report was produced by the Energy Saver program which has run 370 energy audits in medium to large organisations across NSW. Those organisations now enjoy ongoing annual savings of 17,000 megawatt hours of electricity and 57,000 gigajoules of gas, reducing annual energy bills by an impressive $4.05 million.

To learn more about the Energy Saver program go to www.environment.nsw.gov.au/sustainbus/energyefflight.htm

The Energy Efficiency Exchange EEX website also provides more information on opportunities to become more energy efficient in lighting.