Low Carbon Australia is offering assistance to help industry meet the cost of their energy efficiency projects when they take advantage of the Australian Government’s Clean Technology Program.

The $800m Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200m Clean Technology Food & Foundries Investment Program provide funding for between 25 per cent and 50 per cent of project costs. Low Carbon Australia is helping companies to finance the balance.

How can Low Carbon Australia assist?

Low Carbon Australia and their finance partners can work with companies to help them demonstrate their project’s credentials in relation to the grants merit criteria by providing assistance with:

  • carbon saving calculations and evaluations
  • preapproved finance to demonstrate your capacity and capability to deliver the project
  • demonstrating your ability to achieve a positive return on investment

The grants program requires businesses to submit evidence of their ability to fund their share of the total project cost. This table outlines the amount of grant funding and the corresponding Low Carbon Australia finance available.

Grant amountAnnual turnover ofapplicant*CTP grant applicantco-investment


Percentage of total project cost covered by Clean Technology Program grantPercentage of total project cost that Low Carbon Australia can help fund
$25,000 to <$500,000Less than $100 million1:150%Up to 50%
$25,000 to <$500,000$100 million or more1:233.3%Up to 66.7%
$500,000 to <$10 millionNA1:233.3%Up to 66.7%
Applications for funding of > $10 million plusNA1:325%Assessed case by case

What can be funded?

All energy efficiency equipment and industrial process upgrades that result in emissions reductions or energy savings can be funded by Low Carbon Australia.

Low Carbon Australia and their co-finance partners have the expertise and the finance to help businesses realise the most effective energy efficiency solutions and industrial upgrades for company operations. Their energy efficiency finance will allow businesses to meet their share of project costs without up-front capital.

 For more information about Low Carbon Australia visit www.lowcarbonaustralia.com.au