The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET), in collaboration with Engineers Australia and a consortium of university educators led by Queensland University of Technology and the University of Adelaide has undertaken a series of workshops in April to obtain industry and academic perspectives on how to improve the teaching of energy efficiency to engineering undergraduates.

The work  builds on the capacity building activities RET conducts through the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program, and explores the knowledge and skills which can assist practising engineers to effectively participate in energy assessments and identify, evaluate and implement energy efficiency opportunities.

RET is working with the tertiary education sector to establish the graduate attributes that universities can deliver to support such efforts across various engineering disciplines. Project outcomes will be used to inform discipline-specific guidance on energy efficiency curriculum and the design and development of high quality education resources which can be used by engineering lecturers.

Consultation will also be used to consider how links between industry and universities can be strengthened to support teaching and skill development outcomes which meet industry needs.

More information on the consultations will be published on in coming weeks.

For more information, contact Luiz Ribeiro at RET on 02 6243 7233 or email luiz.ribeiro [at]